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Watch: Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt falls for an epic dinosaur prank

The countless hours Chris Pratt spent on the sets of Jurassic World didn’t quite prepare him for an epic dinosaur prank he fell victim to.

Jurassic World star Chris Pratt posing with the dinosaurs. Screengrab from video

Prank team, SA Wardega, of the viral Spider Dog prank decided to give an unsuspecting Chris Pratt a scare and dressed up in convincing dinosaur costumes and waited for the actor, who was walking down the hallway, to arrive so that they could suddenly jump at him.

The actor is seen taking a step back against the door on noticing the first dinosaur with a frightened expression on his face, before sinking on the floor. Just when he thought it was over, another dinosaur comes charging at him and he starts smiling- but after blurting out few expletives.

After regaining his composure, Chris Pratt too acknowledged how brilliant the costumes were and admitted that he did get scared.

‘You got me man, that was good’ Pratt told one member of SA Wardega.

In his defense, he did put up a fight.

The video which was put up on Monday has already reached millions


Watch the video here: