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This Bindi May Look Ordinary, But It Conceals A Life-Saving Secret. Incredible!

Did you know that some of the world’s most devastating public health problems can often be fixed with extremely simple solutions?

These solutions tackle the source of the disease, rather than the disease itself, and can make huge differences in affected communities. While complex medical technology is wonderful if you’re like Jimmy Fallon and you need microsurgery, often basic supplies like thistiny survival kit are more helpful when it comes to alleviating large-scale public health crises.

Today, an innovative product called ‘Life Saving Dot’ is applying a simple, elegant solution to the problem of iodine deficiency in rural central India. Iodine deficiency is common in rural, mountainous areas where foods don’t naturally contain the compound. This nutrient deficiency leads to a variety of thyroid problems, cancers, and birth defects.

While supplements are available in pill form, the creators of “Life Saving Dot” found that they were often too expensive for the impoverished residents of central India. Instead, they hit upon the idea of integrating an iodine skin patch into something that’s already central to many Southeast Asian cultures: the bindi.

Worn between the eyes, a bindi is a small colorful dot that represents beauty and wisdom throughout the Indian subcontinent. Though the decoration has its roots in Hinduism, it is now commonly worn by women of all faiths and classes. Its ubiquity makes it the perfect way to deliver a daily dose of iodine through skin-to-skin contact.

Now, aid workers hand out sheets of Life Saving Dots for free, and women have an easy way to integrate a daily dose of iodine into their lives without paying for a supplement. One tiny change can make a world of difference!