The City Insists She Cut Down Her 110-Year Old Tree, But She Did This Instead

One of the major reasons Sara Sanders purchased her property in Washington was the 110 year old cedar tree in the front garden. But the proud homeowner was given a shock when the council served notice on the tree and said it had to be cut down.

Sara was desperate to save the tree but was told there was nothing that could be done. Determined to honour the tree she loved so much she came up with an ingenious idea; she would turn it into a community library.


“I have been interested in little libraries for years and thought this would be the perfect place to have one,” she told KOMO News.

To make her dreams come true she employed Larry Carter a chainsaw wielding artist who makes beautiful creations out of old bits of wood. He agreed to do the project for free if he could keep the excess wood. Good on you Larry!


Sara still misses her tree but is happy to have given it a new life. She says members of the community use the library all the time. Kudos to both Larry and Sara for giving this old tree a whole new purpose.