Teen Undergoes Miraculous Treatment For Back Pain With One Incredible Chiropractor

17-year-old teenager, Muntathar Altaii, pulled out a tree root one day, then began to experience terrible back pain. It wasn’t the kind of pain that made one go Ooo or Ahh, but rather a pain that made him feel like he was going to die!  He would sleep for days hoping the pain would go away, but it never did. The pain had become so intense that it induced a crippling effect, causing Muntathar to walk hunched over as standing upright.

It was when he experienced a dead leg and severe kyphosis, a condition that drastically curves the spine outward, that he knew he had to get medical attention. Munthathar reached out to a doctor explaining his terrible situation. Before, every practitioner that he contacted turned Muntathar down because they were too scared to touch him.
But contacting Dr. Ian Rossborough of Chiropractic Excellence in Victoria Australia, was the best decision of his life. He did a ten-day journey with Dr. Rossborough to gradually restore his posture. Muntathar wanted to be better before his big graduation.

When he first came into the office, Muntathar could barely stand up straight; he was completely bent over and his head hung very low. He had no nerve pressure and was unable to feel anything in his legs and feet. But when you see what this young boy undergoes with such an incredible doctor, you’ll be amazed.

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