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Teen Orders Skimpy Top Online. Mom Only Needs One Look to Know Exactly Who Gets to Wear It

The mother of a 16-year-old girl wrote possibly one of the most useful online reviews after her daughter purchased a “one-size-fits-all” crop top off of Amazon.

According to the advertisement, this is how the “Tank Blouse” is supposed to appear:
teen 1
However, the mother, Christy, has this to say about her daughter’s $3.38 purchase:

“My 16 y.o daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small and I probably couldn’t legally post a picture of what it looks like if she attempts to wear it. But, so you can see… here is a picture of our cat wearing it.”
teen 2

Her one-star review continues:

“To be fair, it does cover all of the cats nipples, however, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat.”

So far, over 380 people have found the review to be helpful:
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Others included some revealing reviews of their own:
teen 4
“This was awful. I would not recommend this to ANYONE, unless you were completely ok with showing everything. I would give this 0 stars if I could.”

And another shopper wanted to show another example of just how small the top really was:
teen 5
“This is a baby sized top. Literally my flip flop is bigger then it. Do not buy unless you want to be naked.”

Moral of the story — those online reviews can be pretty helpful when shopping for hot, new summer gear.

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