She Was Forced To Bury Her Hero Husband. What She Did As A Single Mother? I’m In TEARS

This mother’s strength can put anyone to shame.

A good run can help a person clear their head, feel empowered, and set off on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle. Many experts believe that a healthy dose of exercise can help diminish depression, but that oftentimes getting started was the hardest part. Sometimes, when tragedy strikes, the only thing we feel like we can do is run from our problems. While I can’t even imagine how devastating losing your spouse can be, I can relate to the pain of losing a loved one and wanting to run far, far away.

When Lisa Hallett received the tragic news that her husband, Army Captain John Hallett, had been killed while on deployment in Afghanistan in 2009, she felt completely destroyed by this horrible and unfair tragedy. However, like this military widow, who also lost her husband at a young age, Lisa knew she had to be strong and keep going for their three young children, one who John never even got to meet. At first, Lisa started to run for her own sanity and well-being, but the single mother quickly realized that she wasn’t running away from her pain, but running to gain strength in her late husband’s memory.

Hallett created a new life for herself and her family and ended up creating a national organization for runners that helps others cope with the loss of their military loved ones. Her “Wear Blue” story is an inspiration for anyone going through a tough time in life, and I think you’ll agree that her story needs to be shared!