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She Saw Her Dog Showing Its Teeth, What She Caught On Camera Will Leave You Shocked

I’ve seen a million adorable animal videos, but this recent one of Denver the dog made me laugh hysterically! I’ve never seen a dog do this.

When it was time for Denver to take her ear medicine, her owner had to capture her priceless reaction on video! Denver clearly does not enjoy medicine time and makes the most hilarious face in reaction. I had to watch the priceless video over and over again.


“Denver I know you don’t like to take your ear medicine, but we gotta do it. Come here,” Denver’s owner said. “My goodness look at that face!”

Watch the hysterical video right now!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw_1V1yguvE]

It’s soon funny to see such a sweet looking dog show her angry face for medicine time! It’s a good thing Denver’s so cute it doesn’t matter how scary she looks.