Police Discover A Meth Lab Inside A Taco Bell

Ever since Breaking Bad became a TV series sensation, it seems more and more people have been jumping on the bandwagon and have started being innovative in ways they can produce their own. Well, some call it innovative, some will call it just plain bloody stupid.


Two men have been arrested after the Cedar Rapids police force were called at about 4.45am Tuesday morning with a suspicious persons report. On entering the closed Taco Bell restaurant they discovered some evidence that indicated that the utility area was being used as some sort of meth lab.

Let me introduce you to the two geniuses that see themselves as the Mary Berry of the Meth world.


This is Christopher Matous and Kent Duby who have now both been arrested and charged on account of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. But the brilliance doesn’t stop there, nope… Matous has also been arrested for the possession if the illicit drug – looks like someone wanted to have their cake and eat it (excuse the Mary Berry related pun)


A spokesperson has released a statement saying that one of the two, who was an employee of the chain has since been fired (that’s good , because I don’t think he was gonna make it into work anytime soon) and they are also considering pressing criminal charges – I mean, considering? But they have confirmed one thing, and that is that the place has been sanitised thoroughly before it reopened on Wednesday morning – just for those of you that prefer to get their energy at breakfast through coffee, and coffee alone…

d“We understand that two people, one an employee, entered our franchisee’s restaurant illegally, allegedly possessing suspicious items. Both we and our franchisee find this completely unacceptable. Our franchisee has been cooperating with Cedar Rapids Police to investigate this isolated incident. Although the suspicious items found in the restaurant were not used in the kitchen, the employee has been terminated and our franchisee is considering pressing criminal charges. The restaurant will reopen after it has been sanitized and inspected by the Health Department.”

As much as I absolutely loved the Breaking Bad phenomenon, and that being said, the Great British Bake Off, I will say that the idea of manufacturing meth myself has never really crossed my mind, but I will keep an eye on my parents who seem to be spending more and more time in the utility room these days…