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People Are Building ‘Catios’ In Their Backyard, And It’s Becoming Trendier In Ways We Can’t Imagine

The term ‘catio’ has lately been making quite a buzz, and it can be best described as a nice and cozy patio for your furry animal friends. Admittedly, a catio is definitely a very large and quite exuberant playground for cats to live in, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome.

The latest hype for building catio’s certainly is pretty cool, as it not only provides your cats with room to play and breathe in some fresh air, but it also provides safety if you’re in a busy neighborhood or if your cats tend to wander around. Check out these ten fantastic photos of great-looking catios. Be careful though, because you might be inclined to buy one or build one yourself after seeing these amazing cat environments!

1. Here’s a perfect example of a classic, but classy catio for Mars the cat from Kirkland. His owner now has a peace of mind knowing he’s always safe.

2. This ‘mancatio’ is for a couple of cats who are big fans of the Seahawks. The catio design can even be seen from the living room.

3. The wildlife viewing station. Brina loves to stick around and check out squirrels!

4. Your entire balcony can even be re-purposed as a huge catio!

5. From patio to catio: the transformation is remarkable and the end result can be enjoyed by both humans and cats.

6. The unused space of a vertical cement garden doesn’t seem cat-friendly, but wait until you see this perfect and creative catio installed.

7. The ‘gazebo catio’ with a fantastic green view and an impressive amount of luxury will quickly become a cat’s favorite spot to hang around and climb in.

8. Rainbows make everything cooler, and they certainly bring a new flavor to this cabana. It may even remind you of a theme park! The catio can be installed to the side of a home, so that the view of the window is still there.


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