Mom Holds Up A Picture Of Her Son And Begs A Robber To Return What He Stole From Her…

Casey Paige Kilcup was devastated to find that someone had broken into her car and stolen her wallet, but she didn’t care about the money — she only cared about what was inside.

Kilcup’s son was born on September 12 but died four months later. Like any mother would be, she is still grieving.

“Ever since he was born, all he did was smile,” Kilcup told WBZ-TV.

The mother would keep her son’s hospital bracelets in her wallet as a token to remember him.

“Those bracelets were on my son and I the day he was born, the same son that passed away in January. Since then we have saved every item of his, and I carried those bracelets to remind me of how blessed I am to be the mother of an angel,” Kilcup said in a Facebook post.

Kilcup’s post has been shared 3,000 times, she hopes the thief will see it and return the special item.

It may sound unheard of, but in another instance a group of thieves stole six computers; when they realized they belonged to a charity, they brought them back.

“So please if you see this, know that I will pray for you, I am so sorry for you and the difficult life circumstances you must face, but please, bring back my baby boys things, no questions asked, I already forgive you,” she wrote.

See her heartbreaking story below and how her community is helping her.