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Mom Gets Pulled Over, But Is Speechless When The Officer Does This

Officer Ed Smith of the Warner Robins Police Department in Georgia surprised drivers on July 30, 2015 when he stopped them for minor traffic violations. Instead of handing out tickets, Officer Smith handed out Dairy Queen Blizzards in honor of Dairy Queen’s 10th annual Miracle Treat Day. As part of Miracle Treat Day, $1 of every Blizzard purchase was donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help the hundreds of thousands of children treated by CMN.

Officer Smith’s kindness not only caught drivers off-guard (in the best way possible), but it helped a great cause. Getting pulled over is always a dreadful feeling, but small gestures like this from the police can do wonders to remind people that not all police interactions have to be bad or stressful. In a time when American police are under huge amounts of scrutiny for cruelty and violence, it’s refreshing to see an officer bringing smiles to people’s faces.