Man Fired After 29 Years For Paying Someone Else’s $5 Toll

In your daily routine you are likely to interact with multiple people, most of which you say “hi” and “bye” to, but not much else. It may be the barista at the coffee shop where you buy your morning cup of joe, the attendant at the gas station who helps to pump your gas, the doorman of your building who sends you off to work with a “good morning”,  or even the toll booth attendant that you pay on your way to and from your commute each day.

When someone goes out of their way and remembers your name, your special coffee order, or asks how your weekend went, they leave an impression on you. If you happen to see this person everyday for 29 years, you better believe you will miss them when they are no longer there.

For people who make their daily commute on the Boca Grande Causeway, Sam, a toll collector who has worked this station for the past 29 years, was a friendly and familiar face. Giving lollipops to the children passengers and occasionally helping commuters pay their tolls when they couldn’t afford them out of his own pocket, Sam made the mundane task of paying a daily toll much more enjoyable.

But, as we saw with the lunch lady who often paid for students lunches at her former work place, sometimes businesses and their owners are more about making money, then taking care of their customers, which is why many people in the Boca area were furious when they found out that their favorite toll attendant had recently been fired.

The sad news comes after 29 years of service and meeting many people who Sam considers to be friends, but being the exceptional worker and person he is, Sam has decided that he will find a place to volunteer now that his time at the toll booth is over.

We’re sure no matter where he goes, Sam will brighten the days of the people he interacts with.

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