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If You Check Your Phone While Driving, You Need To Watch This

Using your phone while driving is often treated as one of those naughty little things which you shouldn’t do, but people still do all the same. We are living in any age when to feel awake we must be digitally connected. So is it any wonder that people use their phones while driving? Well, yes. Because no matter how adept you may be at using a phone while driving you can still easily get caught out if your eyes aren’t on the road.

People may claim that they’re excellent multitaskers and can therefore safely use a phone and drive at the same time. But driving a car already involves a number of tasks. And you can only spin plates for so long until something gets broken. So prepare yourself for a powerful video which might just change the way you think about using your phone while driving.


Wow. That was a scene which even Spielberg himself would be proud of. But this film has a far more important point to make than Jaws or ET. So next time a friend or loved one is using their phone while driving, I suggest you video them doing so and post it on your local police force’s Facebook page (the ones always trying to find a burglar/mugger/paedophile – yeah those ones). I reckon this is the best way to shame the dangerous drivers in your life. Oh and scare the shit of them!