His Method for Teaching His Daughter a Lesson About Stealing Was So Controversial CPS Got Called

An Indiana father wasn’t very happy about his daughter’s pilfering ways, so he decided to teach her a lesson she would never forget.

Gary Mills of Richmond, Ind. made his daughter Abby wear a cardboard sign in public declaring that she was a thief – and then videotaped it to later post on hisFacebook page.

The sign Abby’s wearing, which hangs on her neck with a twine rope, reads:

“My name is Abby Mills & I am a LIAR & a THEIF [sic]! I’ve stolen from my parents, brothers & sister. Aunts & uncles. I even stole my 9-yr-old cousin’s Christmas presents.”

Mills’ first video shows Abby in front of the Wayne County Courthouse. All of the videos are narrated, and Mills is rather angry with his daughter in this one.

This is my daughter abby this was last year when I did this to her abby update she has done a 100 percent turn around this changed her life she hasn't stolen a thing sence then so everyone out there that said this wasn't going to change her well u were wrong she's doing great and I belive in her I love u my baby girl this might not work for every parent but it work for me I am so proud of u my baby girl keep up the good work

Posted by Gary Lee Mills Sr. on Thursday, July 23, 2015

He says, in part:

“Indiana does not have a program that allows teens to see what’s inside of a jail cell … to keep ‘em out of trouble. You can call it a little tough love or a little tough justice. This is what she’s gonna be doing today. So she can be embarrassed! So everybody knows what it’s like! She’ll understand, I hope, and stop doing the stupid s**t that she does. So we’re down here in front of the Wayne County Courthouse, and she’s gonna be walking up and down the street today — with this sign on her! She’s gonna be standin’ on the corner, the whole nine yards.”
He later added that he doesn’t think law enforcement does enough for troubled youths in Indiana, saying:

“My mother always told me that I’m gonna have a child that’s 10 times worse than me. Well, here she is. Maybe this will teach her to keep her sticky fingers off other people’s property.”
For the second video, Mills and his daughter relocate to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Correctional Center, where he hoped a jail officer inside the facility could speak with Abby about where her path is leading her.

Posted by Gary Lee Mills Sr. on Friday, July 24, 2015

During the last video, Mills is a little more upbeat. While the camera is still focused on his daughter, he says that he has just spent time talking with sheriffs and police at the local station and acknowledges that he just wants the best for his little girl.

Posted by Gary Lee Mills Sr. on Friday, July 24, 2015

He says, in part:

“I don’t want to see my girl get locked up. If it takes my last breath to keep her from gettin’ locked up, that’s what it’s gonna take. She’s gotta understand that I mean business, and this is my last straw before she gets put into the system.”

He added that he loved her and was never going to give up on her, but just wanted to make her “scared straight.”

According to The Blaze, someone reportedly called child protective services on him.

Abby apparently learned her lesson, however, as she later apologized for her bad behavior and thanked her father for teaching her a valuable lesson about stealing from others.