He Rolls Bread Covered With Nutella Into Tubes. The End Result Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

If you’re one that loves yummy sweet food for breakfast then you will fall in love with this great french toast hack.

These Nutella French toast rolls are insanely tasty and even easier to make.French-Toast-Hack

6 Slices of Sandwich Bread
1/2 Cup of Nutella (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)
1 Egg
1 Tablespoon of Milk
Butter (for frying)
2 Tablespoons of White Sugar
1 Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon

Preparation Time: About 5 minutes
Cooking Time: About 5 minutes

1. Cut the crusts off a slice of white bread and roll it flat with a rolling pin.

2. Spread Nutella on the slice and roll it into a tube.

3. Mix the white sugar with the ground cinnamon in a bowl.

4. Put the egg and the milk in a bowl and whisk them together.

5. Melt butter in a pan and put it on the heat. Next fry off the rolls in the butter until crisp and golden.

6. Roll the cooked roll in the cinnamon sugar before leaving to cool slightly.

7. Eat and taste the magic.