Don’t Throw Away That Candle! This DIY Shows You How To Reuse It In The BEST Way

Are you someone who doesn’t like letting nice things go to waste? This is one DIY so easy, there’s really no reason not to try!

When you walk into my home, it’s hard to ignore all of the candles on every surface. I’m slightly addicted to buying candles for myself and as gifts…and occasionally making cute ones like these watermelon ones that are perfect for summer barbecues.

My favorite kind of candles are the ones in decorative or glass jars, especially ones with tops on them. They’re gorgeous and smell nice down to the last burn. Since it feels like such a shame to toss the nice container, I’ve started to reuse them around my home for things like spare change, pens, and tiny knick knacks. They’re especially useful in the bathroom for things like cotton balls, makeup, and first aid items.

The thing is that it’s annoying to scrape out the wax yourself. This next helpful how-to shows us how to get the wax out easily and reuse it to make another awesome candle that you can take on the go.