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Customer Stiffed NJ Waitress…For A Tip on a $112 Bill, She Got A Big Fat ‘LOL’! The Joke Was On Him…She Called Him Out On Facebook!

Minimum wage just cements the fact that the struggle is definitely real out here. For some waitresses/waiters, $2.50 an hour is what they get paid. It’s impossible to live on that, so they rely on tips to make ends meet. With that said, can you imagine waiting on a table of 8 and getting a tip written in of: LOL? Asshole.

This is exactly what happened to Jess Jones. She was so pissed that she posted the picture to her Facebook page and immediately sparked a response….backlash to this party of 8 actually.

Some people just don’t get it how hard this life really is. So she posted the following:


Even the city’s mayor heard of the “tip” and responded writing that it was “ridiculous” for a customer to do that.

The customers were upset because they had to wait over an hour for their meal. But, this was not Jones’s fault. In fact, she made it a point to fill their drinks and inform them that the kitchen was busier than normal. At the same time, the bill was $112.00 for a table of 8, making that $14.00 per person. A 20% tip would have been $3.00 per person.

Minimum wage for waiters in New Jersey is $2.13 per hour if they are able to make tips. But, that often doesn’t result to more than “pocket change” as Jones stated. Unfortunately, even after tips some waiters fail to even make minimum wage.

Tipped service workers are often victim of the wage gap, and it is hard for them to be the messenger of bad news to customers, especially knowing that their pay will probably be docked because of it.