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A 6-year-old boy landed himself in hot water at his Catholic School in Ohio after he used a bow and arrow there — er, an imaginary one, anyway.

WCPO says Malachi Miele was pretending to be a Power Ranger during his recess when he “shot” a fake arrow at another student.

Apparently a teacher witnessed his allegedly appalling behavior and hauled Miele off to the principal’s office. There he was dished a three-day suspension from the school.

Matthew Miele, the child’s father, spoke out to WCPO and said, “I don’t see anything wrong with the way he was playing.” Miele added that he and his wife encourage Malachi to use his imagination as often as possible.

Miele also took to his Facebook page about the incident:

“Make Believe Bow and Arrow = 3 Day Suspension. Yesterday my 6 yr old son took a completely imaginary bow and arrow to school inside of his imagination. He was caught playing with this while pretending to be Power Rangers with other students during recess. This resulted in him being suspended today, Monday and Tuesday. Meetings with the principal and pastor today fell upon deaf ears.”

Miele went on to say they were told his son’s actions “cannot be tolerated in the world we live in today.”

In his post, Miele continued, “What I find unacceptable is that this school is so scared that they are unable to distinguish the difference between a credible threat and a 6 yr old boy pretending to be a Power Ranger, playing with an imaginary bow and arrow.”

Miele said his son had no malicious intentions and for now, the child will remain at the school.

Reports say the school has a zero tolerance policy with students threatening others.